Data Protection


The protection, processing and storing of your personal data is very important to us. Any data that we collect from you when you visit our websites or social media accounts, or retail shops and stores is always collected, processed and stored with your consent. We will never use your personal data without your consent (under 18 years old require adult consent).

Any personal data that we collect, process and store on you is in accordance with European Law and specifically with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016.

Your personal data is protected with us and is encrypted utilizing state of the art technologies to keep it safe.

Personal Data collected on you belongs to you. You always have the legal right to opt in or opt out from any purpose that your personal data will be used for by our organization.

We only use your personal data for the purpose it is collected for and it is not shared with any third parties without your knowledge and consent.

You also have the legal right to request from us to amend any personal data that we hold on you or to permanently delete all the personal data that we hold on you unless it is a legal requirement by governing authorities within the countries we operate in.